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 Latitude N 47° 00' 20"    Longitude W 123° 24' 47"    Elevation 59 ft

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My little town.

Elma Washington is a city of about three thousand people located just 30 miles west of Olympia, the capital of Washington State.

Our position at a major turn in the Chehalis River valley creates unique and unpredictable weather patterns. Dominant westerly weather can come directly up our valley from the Pacific Ocean and drive rain clouds up against the Black Hills. This can result in large amounts of rain falling in the spring and fall months and snow or rain in the winter.

Winds from the east and north in the Summer months bring warmer temperatures and drier weather than the areas to our east and west. Strong weather from the south is rare here but when it happens it brings the most unpredictable weather possible.
The old joke "If you don't like the weather now, just wait five minutes," surely was written for the southerly weather pattern in Elma.

Bald Eagles are plentiful in our valley and they are also our local High School mascot. That's why we chose a Bald Eagle for our website background.

"Go Eagles!"

Our Installation:

Weather Station Equipment: Computer equipment: Webcam:
Tycon Power wireless ProWeatherStation
model TP1080WC
Mounted 15 feet above ground
in my backyard.
Refurb HP/Compaq computer
Pentium dual core 2.2Ghz
24" Visio HDTV monitor
in the guest room.
Model SCNC3904
6mm lens
pointing southwest
About 20 feet high
on the dormer roof.

General info:

Contact Us:

You can contact The Elma Weather Guy through our Facebook page Or send me an e-mail at wxelmawa@gmail.com.

The sun's always shining. Even on cloudy days!

~the Elma Weather Guy

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